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I ship myself with academic success and contentment

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how do you tell the difference between a chemist and a plumber

ask them to pronounce “unionized”

Holy fuck thats clever

It took me 5 minutes to get this


Oh fuck you.

Smart people jokes be like

Damn. Very clever.

It’s a text-only joke, too! Awesome.
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so I got bored the other day and made a Saul fanblog which I may or may not faithfully update

but I figured with the spinoff coming up and so many things happening it might be convenient to have a place to put all that stuff (even though I know there are a bunch of Bob/Saul fanblogs already out there, HI FRIENDS)

I haven’t updated it much yet—in fact, the only thing there right now is that stupid collage I made—but if anyone wants to take a peek you can find it over here: http://505-503-4455.tumblr.com/

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